District News & Announcements – August 2018


District News & Announcements

August 2018

“District News and Announcements” is a monthly e-newsletter for members and friends of the Church of the Brethren in the Northern Plains District.  District Leaders, Commissions, Committees, and those doing special ministries share information on programs and activities.  Local churches share news and invitations.  Send submissions by August 25th for inclusion in next month’s newsletter to Hannah Button-Harrison, Director of Communications, communications@nplains.org.

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In this issue

  1. Message from the Moderator
  2. District Conference Announcements: August 3-5
  3. District Conference Worship on Facebook Live
  4. Annual Conference DVDs for Borrowing
  5. Songs of the Pines: Sept. 1st
  6. Closing Service for Beaver Church of the Brethren: Sept. 8th
  7. Continuing Education Courses for the Fall
  8. District Educational Event: Sept. 16-18
  9. Southeast Iowa Circuit Ride: Oct. 6-9
  10. In Our Prayers
  11. Holiness in our Midst
  12. Leadership Development Musings
  13. Pastoral Transitions
  14. Principe De Paz: A Journey of Grace – By Jess Hoffert
  15. Congregational Newsletters
Quick info
Calendar of Events | District Staff & Leadership Contacts | Documents & Resources

Banner photo: Northern Plains youth and advisers pose in front of their bus on the way to National Youth Conference.  Photo by Barbara Wise Lewczak. Send in your photos for future newsletters! Email communications@nplains.org.

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