Sharing Our Stories

“It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story. -Native American saying

The story of our faith is one that is constantly changing. Our stories are unique, and we share them in many different ways. Yet these stories, as different as they may seem, are woven together as part of the greatest story ever told: the story of Jesus Christ. We are called to share these stories, and because we have different ways of sharing, this page is designed to accommodate a variety of content.

Submit your story of faith, whether it be a written essay, a photo or a video you created to If you submit photos or video, feel free to include a description as well. Happy sharing!

Click one of the categories below to view submitted stories:

Stories of Giving – personal stories of financial giving to the District

Holiness in our Midst – a series by Janis Pyle

Feature Your Faith – audio, video, etc.

Spiritual Moments – photography

The Written Word – essays, poetry, etc.