Spiritual Moments

Interested in sharing a photo or illustration that exemplifies a spiritual moment in your life? Submit the image along with a title and a short 1-2 sentence description to nplainscom@gmail.com. We’ll include it here, as well as on our Facebook page!


Chris Peckover

To me this photo represents the transition from human to spirit. Here, the body of water is moving from a very tangible form to one that is ethereal and eventually unseen.  The sun, which is not visible from this perspective, is what draws the spirit out of the body.  And although you cannot see the sun from this perspective, there appears to be evidence that it exists.  The light reflecting off the body of water and refracting through the fog gives hope.

Singing Our Song

Chris Peckover

While driving through the Badlands in South Dakota, even when the windows were up, I remember hearing the Meadowlark sing its song.  The beauty of that sound, coupled with the fact that I could hear it in the car with the windows up while driving down the road, compelled me to stop.  I had to see the creature that was offering the world such a beautiful and powerful song.

Greenland At Dawn

Ulrike Schorn-Hoffert - Lewiston

Children of Uganda

Jess Hoffert - Lewiston and Stover Memorial

I will never forget the faces of the children I met in Uganda in 2009. It seemed everywhere I looked, I could see Jesus in someone's eyes.