Prayer Ministry

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What is the District Prayer Ministry?

One of the most important things we do is pray for one another.  A District-wide prayer ministry began in 2007, inviting congregations to pray for each other on a weekly basis and providing each church with a prayer calendar to coordinate this ministry.  Many congregations now print in their bulletin the sister congregation they are praying for each week, and specifically pray for that church during worship.  Many also send a card to the congregation they are praying for.  Those with a newsletter publish the prayer calendar in it.  Others post it on the church bulletin board.  Prayer calendars have also been distributed electronically.

As the prayer ministry has grown, many have expressed a desire that congregations provide information about themselves so prayers during the week could be more specific.  The District has created a way to facilitate this sharing through this website.  An page has been created for each congregation to include information to pray about in three important areas:

  1. Leadership – Providing a picture and brief biography of the pastor(s) and also the names of other congregational leaders such as the Leadership Team or Board Chair, Moderator, Deacon Chair, etc.
  2. Mission – Listing one or more local outreach efforts they are doing or a future ministry they are considering.
  3. Community Life – Naming a few joys or concerns of the congregation, such as a milestone anniversary in the history of the church, or new members joining the congregation, or the passing of a leader or beloved church member.  Also, a group picture of the congregation’s members could be shared. 

Keeping this information fresh relies on each congregation appointing a “Communications Partner” to work with the District Minister of Communications & Leadership Development, Brian Gumm, who helps coordinate this ministry. If your congregation hasn’t already done so, here is more information on that role…

The Communications Partner role


  1. Update your congregation’s information for the District Prayer Ministry periodically.
  2. Post events on the District Calendar that are intended for the wider church.
  3. Get approval from your pastor and/or church leadership for what is posted on the District Calendar and shared for the District Prayer Ministry.
  4. Encourage and help your members to use the District’s online resources.


  1. The communications partner should be someone who appreciates the mission and values of the Church of the Brethren.
  2. The communications partner should be appointed by the leadership of the congregation and therefore be accountable to the congregation.
  3. The communications partner would need internet access, an email address, experience with desktop or online word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word or Google Docs), and a willingness to be taught and ability to learn the necessary administrative tasks.  (Experience with internet calendars and forums would be helpful.)


  1. Congregational Boards or Leadership Teams are asked to appoint someone to serve in this role and share that person’s contact information with the District.
  2. Individuals who are interested in serving as their congregation’s “Communications Partner” should share their interest both with their congregational leadership and with the District.
  3. To contact the District, phone or email Tim Button-Harrison, District Executive, 641-485-5604,