District News & Announcements – October 2017

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District News & Announcements

October 2017

 “District News and Announcements” is a monthly e-newsletter for members and friends of the Church of the Brethren in the Northern Plains District.  District Leaders, Commissions, Committees, and those doing special ministries share information on programs and activities.  Local churches share news and invitations.  Send submissions by October 25th for inclusion in next month’s newsletter to Hannah Button-Harrison, Director of Communications, communications@nplains.org.

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In this issue

  1. BVS Visit and Dinner at Stover Church: October 5th
  2. Southeast Cluster Spiritual Renewal: Oct. 8-11
  3. Ventures Course on Interfaith Cooperation: October 14th
  4. Building Centennial at Prairie City COB: Oct. 14-15
  5. Fall Women’s Retreat – October 20th & 21st
  6. Disaster Ministries Work Trip: Oct. 29 – Nov. 4
  7. Healthy and Safe Congregations Training: Nov. 10-11
  8. Ivester Lasagna Meal: Nov. 12
  9. Message from the Moderator
  10. Holiness in our Midst
  11. Leadership Development Musings
  12. Fairview Float Wins First Prize
  13. 2018 Annual Conference Nominations
  14. Congregational Newsletters
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Banner photo: Beautiful sunset and smiles at the campfire hosted by Merlin Grady in observation of the International Day of Prayer for Peace.  Photo by Diane Sittig. Send in your photos for future newsletters! Email communications@nplains.org.

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