Holiness in our midst – Session 38

Holiness in our Midst


My favorite season? It would have to be a tie between Spring and Fall. Spring brings the “greening” of the barren land, and fall is heralded in with the “goldening of the fields. Both seasons are transition times, signaling gradual change between the bitter cold of Winter and the oppressive heat of Summer. They are the seasons that soften and prepare me for the extreme ones. I do my purest thinking during them. Both are fleeting, hence, they have added value. My first memories on our Iowa farm were of Spring, my dancing and picking bouquets of dandelions for our family table, and Fall, our family raking big piles of leaves before jumping in and scattering them. The seasons of my heart hold Easter and Thanksgiving, holidays loaded, groaning even, with memories of family tables. Of course, I couldn’t do without all four seasons. (I lived in Florida for several years but got homesick for them.) But, given the choice, I would linger longer in Spring and Fall, when I watch can the leaves on the trees change by the day.

STORY CIRCLE PROMPT: What is your favorite season? Why?


  1. Read the above reflection.
  2. Write a journal reflection about memories connected with a favorite season.


  1. Read aloud Session XXXVIII.
  2. Ask each person to answer the Story Circle Prompt.