Holiness in our midst – Session 25

Holiness in our Midst


Since 1986, the cause dearest to my heart has been local homelessness. That year a homeless man named George was along my path each morning as I walked to my coffee shop in downtown Chicago. Interacting with him daily gave me a glimpse into the lives of all homeless persons. I gave him enough money each day for his morning coffee and doughnut. (When he was sleeping on a doorstep, I would leave him a little bag with his favorites: black coffee, two real sugars, a stirrer, and a doughnut with white frosting and coconut sprinkles.) I rooted for him in his efforts to secure food and shelter. Without fail, he thanked and blessed me each time I helped him or gently reminded his (many) detractors that he was a human being. His daily greetings often cheered me up. When he disappeared back into the streets after a year and a half, I missed him. He had become a friend.

Today, his face often comes to mind as try to work on systems change (to reduce the number of “Georges” on local streets) as I attend local Hunger Collaboration meetings and fulfill my role as chair of the community education/advocacy committee for the Story County Housing Coordinating Board. I fancy that I hear him say, as he did long ago, “Hey thanks”

STORY CIRCLE QUESTION: What is a cause dear to your heart? Why?


1.     Read the above reflection aloud.

2.     Write a journal reflection about a cause that you believe in. How do you outwork your passion for this cause? Where/when did your interest originate? What are your rewards?


1.     Read aloud Session XXV.

2.     Ask each person to answer the Story Circle Question.