Reminder to bring fundraising money to District Conference

Dear Congregations and Members of Northern Plains District,

Last year at District Conference we introduced a multi-year fundraising campaign for the Northern Plains District with the theme: These hands, This voice, These times. These hands that can reach out, welcome, comfort, create, provide and repair. This voice that can speak with honesty and truth, share stories of life, love, loss and faith, inspire hope, challenge wrong, and offer wisdom and counsel. These times in which we live, times of change and complexity, times of great human suffering and global problems, times of searching for faith, hope and love, times ripe and ready for the work and witness of our church.

We are sending this note as a reminder to bring your fundraising dollars to the 2012 District Conference and, just as importantly, bring your stories of how you raised the money.  We have an anonymous donor that will match your congregation’s contribution.  Our budgeted goal for 2012 fundraising is $10,000, so don’t hold back on creative stories even if your fundraising approach was rather boring. It’s all in the delivery, so have some fun and help us reach our goal; $5,000 with creative stories is all it will take.

At the Saturday evening service at District Conference, we will gather the monies raised – from containers distributed last year and other fundraisers.  Please label the offering you present so we can keep track of individual and congregational contributions.  And if you wish to present your container, it can be returned to you.

If possible, send your fundraising stories in advance of District Conference so they might be shared as part of the Saturday evening service.  Email them to

Thank you for your support!

– Mark Gingrich and Janis Pyle

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