About Us



Northern Plains District is a wide community of Church of the Brethren congregations joined together by our devotion to the way of Christ through spiritual growth, community-building, peacemaking, and service.

Our purpose is to call forth and enable congregations to link their members with other churches and the wider Christian community, which is the Body of Christ.

We will work as followers of Christ to strengthen the work of each congregation through the missions of: spiritual growth, leadership support and development, stewardship, church growth and new church development, peacemaking and service.

Toward these ends the district will, through its board and staff, develop and support the following ministries:

God’s vision for our work:
We will seek God’s will first, envisioning a vital, spiritual mission which extends the Good News of Christ’s peace and kingdom community.

Spiritual Growth:
We will inspire our congregations to live as members of the Body of Christ within the Church of the Brethren with enthusiasm and joy.
We will encourage the use of the Church of the Brethren Christian Education materials in our local churches.
We will support district and denominational camps and retreats which provide for spiritual growth.
We will offer and support fellowship opportunities among congregations.

Leadership Support and Development:
We will work to help churches in the Northern Plains District to be served by the finest possible ministers.
We will call our pastors and congregational leaders to the highest standards of service.
We will educate persons as Lay Speakers.
We will call, support, and evaluate persons licensed and persons ordained to the Christian ministry.
We will call our pastors and congregations to work together toward a shared ministry.
We will call congregations to the standards of Annual Conference regarding congregational ethics in
the Church of the Brethren.

We will encourage all members to follow Biblical principles of stewardship.
We will challenge and assist congregations to clarify their mission and goals.
We will manage the financial resources of all district ministries and call for support from the congregations.
We will provide resources to link the various strengths of the congregations to enhance their ministries.

Church Growth and New Church Development:
We will plant new congregations, one in the implementation phase while planning begins on another.
We will share our stories of how God has led us to grow numerically.
We will create a church growth network with lay representatives in each congregation.
We will assist congregations to develop faith-sharing evangelism and discipling skills.

Peacemaking and Service:
We will communicate opportunities for service to our congregations.
We will work toward peacemaking through a peace and justice network with lay representatives in each congregation.

Adopted at Northern Plains District Conference
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
July 31-August 2, 1998