Holiness in our Midst: Session 120


Story Circle Prompt: Where are your finding hope for peace in our divided world?

Just for a moment last month, I caught a vision for world peace. I was attending the morning worship service at First Christian Church in Ames (IA) on Aug. 14, 2022. Eric Brown, an elder, was offering the prayer before we partook of communion. I was struck by his words, “Let every meal, every shared time, be communion.”  Though he had written the prayer hastily on the back of a bulletin, it seemed to me that it carried eternal weight. He gave me permission to share it here for you:

Dear God,

We gather here in your presence. In our time in your amazing world, let us know the way to live here in your spirit. As we join in this meal together, let us re-imagine, let us re-see how our actions, words, and thoughts can be guided by Jesus’ teaching, not just in this time and place, but in all our time in your world. Let every meal, every shared time, be communion. Let us learn your ways from each other, let us share your ways with all we meet. Come now, all of us, to this time of sharing your spirit together. Let us partake. 

In His Name, Amen.

Where do you find hope, inspiration, or vision to heal our divided world?


  1. Read the above reflection. In your journal, answer the following: In what ways do you see God working in our time and place? 

       1.   Read aloud Session CXIX.

       2.   Ask each person to answer the Story Circle Prompt

Holiness in Our Midst: Sharing Our Stories to Encourage and Heal is a monthly on-line feature created by Janis Pyle to facilitate sharing of our personal experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and spiritual practices with one another, especially through stories. Barriers are broken down when we begin to see all persons, even those with whom we disagree ideologically, as sacred and constantly attended to by a loving Creator. Each column is accompanied by a “story circle” prompt and study guides for personal and group reflection. To share your stories, contact Hannah Button-Harrison at communications@nplains.org. Janis Pyle can be reached at janispyle@yahoo.com

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